Museum of Maria Prymachenko

Bolotnya — a village where Maria Prymachenko spent her life, barely ever leaving the village’s borders.

Maria’s home changed but it is still standing on the grounds. Inside, still reside some of Maria’s personal belongings — her easel, paint and bed. Outside Maria’s window, a viburnum — Ukrainian symbol of life with which Maria Prymachenko met each new day.

Location: Ukraine, Bolotnya

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The lake — imbued with stories of Maria’s life, the artist personally commanded it to be dug for her grandchildren and family.

The garden —a place where Maria, her family and neighbors spent a lot of time, where she sometimes held drawing sessions with local children and where an apple tree planted by the artist herself still grows.


The art residence and museum of Maria Prymachenko are located in Bolotnya, the village where the artist spent her life and which she almost never left. The land itself speaks of Maria here and preserves her history.

Maria’s WayExhibition space

An exhibition space recalling an animal’s wild mane, recurrent feature in Maria's work, presents a series of rotunda halls each telling of a period in the artists life. The building i “Maria’s Way” — the steps from childhood till her last moments. Some halls house Maria's double-sided in the center, in others you can sit and watch projections of photos, stories, or circular walls.

Visually ascetic, the structures represent Maria’s nature —everything in her art came from within. To understand the works of Maria Prymachenko one must understand her from the inside see her soul. The architecture hints at the worldview of the artist, invites you to discover it internally.

Light — an important theme of the architectural concept reflects Marias inspiration that seemed not to come from her surroundings but from an intangible source — the universe, a self-founder spiritual philosophy.


Orangery — a pavilion, collecting exotic plants that resemble those imagined by the artist and bloom in her works. Maria's world is full of flowers. Always bright. This is exactly what you can see at the end of a long journey through the halls of “Maria’s Way” — a greenhouse with flowers and digital animals from her paintings. Defying local barren winter landscapes and symbolic of the brightness Maria found in herself despite her routine environment.

The orangery is built of reed. The large atrium invites natural light from the sky, in unison with how light is conceptualized in the mane-like building of "Maria's Way".

Artists’ house

An art space with accommodation on the 2nd floor

A separate “Artists’ House” stands on the grounds. This is a place where sculptors, potters, embroiderers, adults and children gather to create and explore Maria's work. With its architecture, the art-house encourages you to focus on the inner, to rejoin yourself, to be in your "center". The house offers a living space for residences and guests who want to linger in Maria's world a little

A cafe on the premises offering a moment to relax and take in the spirit of the land and of Maria’s garden, a place to taste her recipes

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