The idea behind the project launched in 2018 and 2019 by Victoria Yakusha — to draw attention to the rich cultural heritage and endangered ancestral crafts of Ukraine, which for a long time remained in the shadows.To inspire cultural links by exploring the rich patrimony of Ukraine.

A milestone on Yakusha’s path to pass on Ukrainian cultural history.

Victoria designed the itinerary and workshops along the Carpathian region. Artisanal spirit and approach were brought to light in the sacred craft of wood craving, a hand-woven wool technique of lizhnykarstvo, Kosiv hand-painted ceramics, and the sound of the Ukrainian Trembita, world's longest horn instrument, revived by FAINA as decor. A hands-on experience allowed the international guests to form intimate connections with the craft and the land.

Please watch a short film about expedition with English subtitles