In our project "Grazhda" by Yakusha Studio, we emphasise the eternal will of Ukrainians to be the owners of their land, an innate connection to earth. At the foundation of this home we lay a rich millennial history, the spirit of Cossack freedom, respect for earth and harmony with nature.

Grazhda is an ancient Ukrainian type of dwelling that originates from the Hutsul region and has its roots in the fortifications of Kievan Rus. The buildings of a GRAZHDA complex formed a rectangular courtyard and were connected by a high log wall, which protected from wild animals and strangers, wind and snow drifts.

YEAR: 2022
Location: Vinnytsia region, Ukraine

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With the project GRAZHDA, we moved away from rigid geometry and integrated the architecture with the surrounding nature thanks to its smooth forms. As if covered by palms, the courtyard gives residents a sense of peace and security. Hemp-lime wood frame, reed flooring combined with modern technologies, fuse the past and the future.

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