Dominican - residential house

A new house by Yakusha Studio
reflects the concept of ‚live architecture‘

Nestled on the island, the Dominican Republic, a modern family home by Yakusha represents the concept of 'live architecture' — one which honors nature and carries an immense connection with it.

YEAR: 2022
Location: Dominican Republic

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Two roofs — thatched and modernly flat — meet in natural balance. With the two-story height and stone cladding, the house is grounded and strongly rooted in the earth. Generous glass windows alleviate the building eliminating the sense of 'heaviness'. Most of the walls, as well as the roof, are finished with lime plaster — to breathe.

Following the concept of live interaction, the house is embraced with a garden divided into themed zones. The garden of shadows — to enjoy the mysterious play of light and shadow. Herb Garden — for growing own greenery. Zen Garden — for meditation, silence, connection with the true self.

 A traditional fence was substituted by a live one — trees and plants towering around the yard. It makes the building open and welcoming to passers-by, yet allows to keep privacy. The inner terrace with a swimming pool looks onto the live lush garden —serving as a perfect place for solitude.

Inspiring calm and natural genuineness, the house itself is a place for mind, body, and soul. Created to lead a conscious, balanced life.

From the ground floor to the upper one, hidden under a mansard roof, the house is immersed in lush green surrounding and incorporates live materials — rustic wood, stone, reed. 

Natural fluidity was one of the main task during planning. Zones smoothly flow one into another. Emphasizing a strong connection of a human and nature, interior continues exterior and vise versa. 

"We strived to stimulate an intimate relationship with nature and oneself. The

house is a holistic live ecosystem, comfortable for living and organic to the site where it is”, comments Victoria Yakusha, founder of Yakusha Studio.

By using live materials, the architects let the feelings lead the way. To feel the coldness of stone while stepping to the house. To touch the warm wooden textures and enjoy them gracefully aging with the passage of time. To contemplate seasons changing — reflected in mirrored glass exterior. To breathe the full chest.

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