WHAT:  Design Expedition to Ukraine

WHEN:  5 days in autumn/summer

WHO: design experts

Design Expedition to Ukraine "Land Inspires"  a project by designer and architect Victoria Yakusha that aims to outline Ukraine on the world`s design map, to inspire design experts all over the world with a unique craft technique of this region, true cultural heritage of Eastern Europe.

"Considering all the political conditions, it is hard to imagine Ukraine as a perspective design-tour destination, but I decided to take a challenge and prove that we also have something to interest foreign guests. 

I personally selected all the places and workshops along the route of the expedition, selecting and getting to know each artisan, working out masterclasses with them. Many of these crafts are endangered, so interest in them from foreign designers and the media will also help to attract the attention of the internal audience. Perhaps someone will want to learn deeply invaluable knowledge, or just acquaint with it during the holidays trip”,  comments Victoria.

5 days — 5 artisan villages 

During this day all the expedition group arrives in Lviv.

Black Steamed Ceramics Workshop

Workshop with the longest musical instrument in the world — Trembita.

 Hutsul sheep blankets - Lizhnyky - weawing workshop

Kosiv ceramics (painted with clay) workshop

Bodnar (carpenter's) workshop on producing wooden barrel 

Workshop on painting Easter eggs in the heart of this ancient craft - Kolomuya village

Meet the participants of the 2019 Summer— Second Design Expedition to Ukraine

Meet the participants of the 2018 Autumn — First Design Expedition to Ukraine

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