Home Fragrances by FAINA


Life begins with her.

The story of each of us.

In every movement, in every action, in every cell of our body.

Everything that was on this planet and everything that will be.

Earth unites.

Earth protects.

Wherever we go, she is always with us.

Earth gives power.


It grows with herbs and flowers, bushes and trees, lichens and islands of moss - a source of natural magic for humans.

Earth has become our inspiration.

We revealed its mysterious nature in a niche collection of home fragrances by FAINA. 


The triad of aromas reveals

the meaning of the earth

in human life.


The energy of life is revealed by a train of blooming femininity. Booze is the power of sage, tenderness of field colour, an astringent note of calamus, attracting fern and amber of wood resin.


Protection and cleaning. The protective power of Taurid wormwood and the purity of juniper, the strength of oak and fresh, juicy grass, spicy coniferous notes of mountain pine and sweet thyme.


The meaning of life. Wet ground, spring water, birch, moss and grey lichen. Natural elixir collected from rare delicate aromas.

Earth is the endless foundation of inspiration.

Feel her. Open to her. Touch her secrets.

Home fragrances by FAINA

Born from the depths.