YAKUSHA enlivens mystical ancient culture at Collectible 2020

The power and beauty of the woman - the core theme of a DOMNA armchair by YAKUSHA presented in Collectible 2020.

DOMNA is a design reminiscence of an ancient ceramic sculpture of the Trypillian goddess. Standing out with its mild feminine forms and curves, DOMNA is an embodiment of Mother Earth. She gives life and protects

“DOMNA is my manifest of Ukrainian modern female design with a strong connection to our cultural roots. It continues our studio’s philosophy of live design. We reinterpret cultural symbols and pass on the story.” – comments Victoria Yakusha, founder of YAKUSHA.

“DOMNA” is the old word for a “stove”. The design piece symbolizes the warmth of a home and is made to serve as its amulet, protector, because of its live powerful spirit. At Collectible design, the DOMNA armchair is presented in the color of clay, but the design piece could be produced in a palette of nature.

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