Yakusha Design + FAINA — the one.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Yakusha Design + FAINA Collection — we are one! Every challenge brings us to change. This spring we united 2 teams — an architectural and interior design studio, established in 2006 and product design collection FAINA, founded in 2014, in able to focus on what is really important to us — breath life into every living space.

“Home is an organic continuation of ourselves — it is our “second skin”, therefore it is so important to surround yourself with living objects and honest authentic design — emphasizes Victoria Yakusha, founder of Yakusha Design and FAINA. The integrated multidisciplinary design studio is given the name of YD / Yakusha Design and will be focusing on the following services: architectural planning of residential and public projects, interior designing and furnishing. Studio`s portfolio, the online store of product design FAINA and gallery of inspirational projects — all are available at one website https://www.yakusha.design/

At Yakusha Design we believe in clean sensuous interiors, we are inspired by natural imperfections and traditional craftsmanship. Every project we touch is filled with real emotions and respect for our cultural roots.

We encourage you to see a short film about our philosophy — live minimalist design — and get inspired by new ideas and changes, that new challenge is bringing to our lives.