Organic design at Interior Design Show – Toronto 2020

Made of recycled metal, cellulose, wood chips and clay – new design line ZTISTA by Ukrainian designer Victoria Yakusha was released at IDS Toronto 2020

For the first presentation at the Canadian design show, FAINA team decided to bring new organic pieces ZTISTA chair and coffee-table alongside with the MOTANKA set of vases and TREE OF LIFE tapestry. Made of recycled metal, cellulose, wood chips and clay, ZTISTA furniture is on the edge of tomorrow and has already won "Design of the Year 2019" by Elle Deco International Award and Grand Prix for "Product Design 2018" at Interior of the Year Awards in Kyiv. No surprise, we decided to present Ukrainian conscious design to the wide audience – in autumn FAINA participated in Dutch Design Week, and the next destination was North America.

Canada met FAINA with genuine interest – visitors of the Interior Design Show found Ukrainian live minimalism quite modern in the context of environmentally friendly design. Natural materials, rough forms and a special odour of Home Fragrance "MOCHAR" that accompanied the presented pieces made a great first impression.

More about organic design ZTISTA:

ZTISTA (in Ukrainian — made of dough), made of simple organic materials with respect to nature. In developing these design pieces Victoria Yakusha collaborated with local artisans who use a century-old modelling technique, known as “valkuvannia”, a primitive rolling technique that involves the coating of a solid surface with a mixture of straw, hay and natural clay.

For ZTISTA`s frameworks, Victoria uses recycled steel, covered with ecological primer to avoid corrosion of metal and extend the life of design object. After that, the frame is covered by hand with a special mixture of cellulose (recycled paper), linen, clay, wood chips and straw. To hold it all together on a metal frame and to give the design object durability and high operational qualities designer used biopolymer based on corn starch, which is safe for the environment and human health.

ZTISTA design line also tends to showcase the beauty of natural imperfection. Plastic mysterious forms, overflow of shades, uneven surface as if it made from a sticky binder with many irregularly shaped holes – all of this creates an extraordinary character of ZTISTA design objects. Made by the hands of the artisan, every design piece has a unique surface that holds the “fingerprints” of its maker.