Environmental protection and responsible human-nature interaction are imperatives of today’s world. At Yakusha Studio we are committed to nature friendly solutions and this is also our philosophy for Tuscany WWF reserve birdwatch observatory project.

YEAR: 2021

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Our main idea of observatory project is to create an image of bird nests with similar forms and textures to connect visitors with nature without disturbing the integrity of it. Instead of using open observation decks, we propose to construct capsules in the form of a nest, which will solve number of issues, like timid birds that are scared of people and moving objects; picturesque arm's length view for visitors; and smooth integration of construction into the nature by highlighting its beauty. The form of observation deck comes from behavioural traits of birds, the way they form their nests. By maximizing integration of forms into nature, birds will perceive these objects as a place to study and to stay near instead of choosing a secluded place for active wildlife.

To take a closer look on their natural environment we will create a capsule that is dipped into the water. To make it water-resistant it will be covered with nano material made of algae that is printed on 3D printer.

To replicate birds' “approach to construction”, we propose to use natural materials and techniques interpret our concept. Similar to birds using mud, clay and saliva as building materials, we are going to use wood, clay, and beeswax for protection against external influences. No concrete will be used to make the construction light and environmentally friendly. “Pimply windows” will be used in the construction to make it convenient for birds to sit on and for visitors to observe closer the way birds behave and interact.

Along the observatory decks in the water, on and above the ground, the main administrative building with a science center, restaurant, exhibition and other facilities will be constructed. In addition to accommodating people the purpose of the facility, is to extend observation area. While having similar form and structure with other decks it will accomplish a balanced composition in full harmony with the surrounding nature. The uniqueness of this project is usage of sustainable materials and techniques of our ancestors for construction. No usual cubical architecture with strait forms, but natural lines, with no shapes alike. Our design will help visitors to plunge into the wild nature while minimizing urbanistic footprint. 

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