Vhory — into the mountains in Ukrainian.

Hidden in the hills and valleys of the Ukrainian Carpathians — Vhory, a mountain home to unwind and recharge, surrounded by nature. 

A light and airy living room speaks through earthy textures of live wood and clay, traditional to Ukrainian land. The designers pursued the idea to create a harmony of an uplifted, minimalistic yet grounding, tactile space. The natural world is invited within through floor-to-ceiling panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The rounded, soft geometry of live architecture is accentuated in a uniting dining area composed of FAINA collections of live design. A handsculpted pendant lamp looms above dining table, both created of a unique compostable blend by Victoria Yakusha. 

YEAR: 2022
Location: Carpathian region, Ukraine

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Primeal elements are brought to the forefront, a custom fireplace invites to gather around on rings of sofas that repel around it. FAINA’s floor lamp, Soniah, illuminates the space with light and an animistic presence. Hues of beige create a nurturing universe of spaces that flow one into the next and allow living light and decor to be presence in the room. A kitchen island with a row of Ztista bar stools defines the entertaining area. 

Live textures continue throughout the bedroom. Natural wooden floors are combined with textured clay walls recalling those of an ancient Ukrainian 'mazanka' house. The bed seems to float off the ground adding lightness to the environment.

Round shapes continue to give rhythm in the bedroom, here found in the Tree of Life tapestry, woven in the Carpathians by hand using an ancient loom. Live design, centered around ancestral relationships with nature, reminds of its rites in every design piece and fills with living energy.

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