Vhory (from Ukrainian 'in the mountains') is a mountain house in the Carpathians, Ukraine, part of the eco-complex YASNA.

Year: 2022
LOCATION:Carpathian region, Ukraine

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The concept was to make a harmonious house that reflects Yakusha's philosophy of 'live architecture and design' and blends into its natural environment. Located in a lowland, deep in the mountains, its panoramic windows embrace each ray of natural light that penetrates the surrounding mountains and spruce trees. The fully glass facade, interrupted only by levels of natural wood, highlighting each floor of the building, embraces sunshine and reflects the surrounding mountain forest. Panoramic glazing and terraces integrate the environment into the interior and vice versa. The roof of the home visually appears flat, to better compliment the shape of the building, but it is in fact with a slope — a functional solution for Carpathian winters.

The key feature of the Vhory is the ecological approach to everything from the landscape to every material used. The sustainable composition of the house includes a wooden framework throughout, the use of hemp block insulation synergetic with natural clay wall finish inside, and ventilated facades to better suit the local humid climate.

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