Inclusiveness unit space

This is a new wave of inclusiveness sustainable approach for office design.  We have integrated into this space everything to make humans feel calmness and productivity with no harming the environment. The unique combination of technologies, artificial intelligence, living minimalism, cultural heritage and handcraft, sustainable materials, and nature – all that are the next level of design attitude. 

Basically, this space is a main entrance hall. And the main goal was to switch the passageway feeling to the feeling of a safe cosy space. This is a sustainable way of making a space not just beautiful but also functional and secure. Where everything is for humans, to convey the culture and nature senses, technologies and metaverse and inspire for mindful living.

The key of the space lay in FAINAs signature SONIAH / Ukrainian for sunflower / a symbol of prolific Ukrainian earth. Each floor lamp is crafted by hand in FAINA’s sustainable material — ZTISTA. Sculptural SONIAH lamps stem from the ground, their pure shapes eliminate the excess and shine light on the pristine. Furthermore, each lamp is 3 or 4 metres high and was installed handcrafted by artisans for ten months. 

Year: 2023

Area: 200 sq. m.

Location: Kiyv, Ukraine

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We try to integrate the technologies into our design as we truly believe this is a huge part of our future. Inside the SONIAH lamp, there is a special directional laser installation which plays the role of interactive light. Bio dynamic lighting changes regarding the time: in the morning it is colder, then during the day getting warmer and, in the evening, it is quite warm. It has been proven that such light dynamic influences on making eyes less tired and effects on improving your productivity. 

At the reception we have a large glass panel, the screen is a full-fledged artificial intelligence, its name is Tina, which can answer any questions from the client. This is a UNIT system, and our approach was to integrate it, so you can see how this glass panel naturally combined with our live minimalism cultural handcrafted design. 

In modern society when technology and design is growing so fast, it is important to remember about nature. Despite the fact that we use only sustainable and natural materials, we have planted two-metre trees in the lobby, so people could spend some time connecting to nature, as a root of our planet. 

One special thing lies in FAINAs design expeditions where we explore the usage of old techniques and combine it with the new shapes to appeal to modern designers that they should use these old techniques and traditional materials in their contemporary designs. In general, this interior is essentially a trendsetter approach, and the mission is to inspire other designers to make changes, to create mindful spaces engaging with nature and the environment.   


To mindful combination of the technologies, artificial intelligence, living minimalism, cultural heritage and handcraft, sustainable materials, and nature.

To Earth, environmental friendliness, not to harm nature, but to cooperate. To sustainability, ecological and natural materials. To interact with the environment. 

To people, to their comfort, their health, their productivity, and their connection with nature.

To technologies and metaverse, to integrate interactive and artificial intelligence into cultural and natural space in a sustainable way. 

To culture, to heritage, to our roots, to handcraft, to involve artisans and old technique into contemporary design. To inspire designers for the new wave design approach.

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