Our concept, from an architectural point of view, is to rethink the monument-mound in our usual sense.

A mound is a high mound over an ancient burial ground, and the traditional attribute of a monument is fire. In our project, we combined both of these elements. The shape of the building is subconsciously associated with the shape of the mound, ravine. A street floodlight on the highest point of the roof symbolizes the eternal fire of memory for the dead.

Simple forms of street furniture start their lines from the outside, pierce the interior of the building and exit from the other side, symbolizing the victims who are buried under the ravine.

Of course, our goal is to attract the viewer's attention, make him look inside the building and look inside himself — to remember the past and find the loved ones in his memory.

YEAR: 2019
Area: 52 sq. m.
Location: Kyiv region, Ukraine

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