Apartment with a View

Apartment with a View of Kyiv for a Young Family.

The apartment fully embodies the architectural approach of Yakusha, which views space primarily as the interaction of volumes and textures. The studio's affinity for natural materials and architectural principles is evident in this project. The simplicity and absence of decorative elements reflect the family's character and lifestyle.

Various textures and wall materials create the impression of a seamless canvas: concealed doors, absence of baseboards, an illusion as if it's a single surface. In this context, the use of furniture serves as an accent.

On the walls, panels made of natural veneer seamlessly transition at a 45-degree angle and connect with the floor in a way that hides any joints.

Special attention was given to the design of the floor. Natural parquet boards, 50 centimetres wide with a subtle ageing effect, form a unique pattern that visually corrects the geometry of the space.

The rhythmic architectural lighting highlights the aesthetics of the floor, ceiling, and walls. Lighting scenarios were carefully planned to match the residents' lifestyle. XAI architectural lighting creates a harmonious atmosphere, complemented by decorative chandeliers from Baxter.

The custom-designed Italian kitchen, crafted from walnut veneer and natural marble, features numerous smart modules. The work surfaces are elegantly concealed, giving the appearance of a cabinet. Each module hides functionality such as a sink, work surfaces, and more. Additionally, there is a small hidden storage space for groceries.

In the children's bathroom designed for two sons, individually crafted sinks and cabinets provide not only functionality but also concealed storage. In the master bathroom, the walls are adorned with natural marble, and the doors are made from the same material, creating the illusion of their absence.

The project has a unique aspect: despite its inception six years ago and prolonged pauses due to the client's busy schedule, it remains modern and relevant during its realisation.

The architectural solutions of this project may appear quite simple at first glance, but they conceal numerous functional elements. The aim was to create a design that is almost imperceptible, yet imparts a sense of organic space.

Furniture: Poltrona Frau, Oluce, FLOU, DeCastelli, Minotti, Maxalto, FAINA

Decor: Bitossi, décor, B&B, Erenburh Fayina, BeB Object, Maxalto, MOGG 

Year: 2022

Area:  185 sq. m.

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

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