How to find peace in your own room or "rules of composition" by Victoriya Yakusha

How to find peace in your own room or "rules of composition" by Victoriya Yakusha
These days, almost all of us learn to work, spend free and useful time at home. And how difficult it is to concentrate on tasks, and simply relax — when there is disharmony, imbalance, entropy or in simple word “mess” in your house. Victoria Yakusha, founder of FAINA and Yakusha Design & Architecture Studios, shares a short tip on how to achieve harmony in your place.

“The problem of composition rarely arises in my home. I’m a fan of minimalism, that is why we don’t fill the space with many things. However, having 4 children, I’m used to the fact that room can change in a matter of minutes and it will be required to clean it again. Thus, it is truly important to be able to quickly achieve a thoughtful and most importantly aesthetic order.

So, let's get started. For everyone who has open shelves, cabinets and a lot of different décor, I always recommend trying to make elegant compositions out of all this. In this case, it is crucial achieving a sense of all volumes balance. Not only the style objects come into play, but also the entire space in the object’s field. For example, if to take a chest of drawers, when arranging the things, it is important to place the mirror or other decor above it, also check the lighting - both point and general - it should be working best for your composition.

To bring that balance, the designer has a number of “tools”. Some of them are symmetry and asymmetry. For symmetry, for example, in the vertical plane, it is vital to visually balance the upper and lower parts of the room. So, if the room is tall and the furniture is massive, you can hang a large chandelier and “weight” the ceiling. At the same time, the walls should not be empty - they better be filled with décor at eye level, than the vertical composition will be preserved. It is also essential to use contrast or nuance tools, based on dominant or only the accent. The most persuasive nuances are manifested in textures opposed to each other: mirror on a matte wall, smooth sofa upholstery in combination with a fur cover, the use of more saturated colour in small quantities.

But! Before examining all of these terms, try to intuitively balance all the objects yourself. To make it easier, use, for example, an axis that will divide your composition into conditionally equal ones. Good luck and stay at home!".