FAINA — Live Ukrainian Design for the first time in Finland

FAINA — Live Ukrainian Design for the first time in Finland

On 11 — 15 of September for the first time Ukrainian design brand FAINA presented artisan furniture and decor at Helsinki Design Week.

The exhibition set of KOROTUN coffee-table, TOPTUN chair, CENTER OF THE WORLD tapestry and KUMANEC vases was shown at 2 different design week locations. The main one of the design week – “Room with a view”, on Errottaja 2 street, will feature FAINA’s clay décor at Marimekko stand curated by Ulla Koskinen. At the Habitare Exhibition by Asun Magazine FAINA presented upholstery and woollen tapestry. 

Photo credits: Sameli Rantanen


Author of FAINA Design Victoriya Yakusha has created over 60 crafted pieces of furniture, decor, and lightning. Working with clay, wood, wine and tree, as well as ecopolymers, Victoriya’s timeless, minimalistic designs echo its Ukrainian roots. She believes that these local materials can heal and enrich with energy, that is so important in rapidly changing with technologies world.

For their presentation at Helsinki Design Week, Victoriya Yakusha brought one of the main collection’s novelty – tapestry CENTER OF THE WORLD, handmade woollen by craftswoman in Carpathian Mountains.

“Cross” as center of the world is a deep Slavic culture symbol, where the soil’s horizontal intersects with the celestial vertical, forming a connection point between Heaven and Earth. Thereby FAINA’s tapestry is a kind of amulet that brings harmony and keeps balance in any space.

“Crafts must be reloaded in new design perspectives. This is the mission of those who create new objects. Take something from the past, re-think it in modern way and give to artisan traditions new vibrant life – this what inspires me in this project”, - emphasizes Victoria Yakusha.

KUMANEC on two legs at Habitare exhibition Photo credit: Aleksi Poutanen