FAINA in Studiopepe Installation

FAINA in Studiopepe Installation

Ukrainian Live Design brand FAINA by Victoriya Yakusha has exhibited 3 naive design objects with archetypical symbols, usage of ancient craft techniques and deep history in its essence: BANDURA vases as a 500-years old folk musical instrument, MOTANKA decor as sacred talisman of our ancestors and cave-like KOROTUN coffee table with its “carved in stone” sturdy character.

“The storytelling about contemporary living, investigated through the theme of enigmas is very near to my heart. All Ukrainian culture is imbued with riddles – we still read our past and get more and more answers. What’s the role of women in the family? Where do our thirst for soil and its power come from? Why did certain materials become fundamental in everyday life? I write the answers to these questions in the collection items – they should not be lost,” – comments Victoriya Yakusha.

Building on the success of its ‘manifesto project` from previous editions (The Visit and Club Unseen) Studiopepe once again has staged an unprecedented, surprising installation, dedicated to the topic of secret symbols and their matter “Les Arcanistes - The Future is Un / Written”.

“This time we have conducted a more in-depth and installation-related investigation into concepts such as the exploration of matter. The storytelling for our manifesto project was the theme of symbolism and divination rituals. Always suspended between celestial mechanics and terrestrial mechanics, we all need to predict: to anticipate the experience.” – comments the authors of the installation.

Inside a large industrial space, which was used in the 1900s for the manufacturing of gold took place an investigation into the strong interconnection between matter and the archetypal power of symbols. In collaboration with partnering companies, the studio has utilized its characteristic multidisciplinary approach and creative vision to create a journey marked by designer and bespoke pieces, new editions of historic pieces, artists’ multiples, a wunderkammer of materials, a sequence of installation spaces that open up into a vast hall which acts as a backdrop to showcase the rituality of contemporary living.

Address: Via Garofalo, 24 - 20133 Milano


FAINA – the collection of furniture, lighting and décor products from clay, linen, willow vine and tree which is represented in Paris, New York, Stockholm, Zurich etc. In search of new-old design messages, the founder – Victoria Yakusha conducted a study of the domestic traditions of our ancestors. From 5-3 millennia BC from the days of Trypillia and the Scythian civilization – she studied their forms, materials, craft techniques, and created unique artisan collection.

Studiopepe is a design agency founded in Milan in 2006 by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto. Design agency’s projects are known for their strong iconographic identity, based on experimentation, on an ongoing quest for colour and materials and on the intermingling of the different languages of the contemporary in order to pursue a special result that respects the individuality of each customer.