Award-winning educational and design space YA VSESVIT

Award-winning educational and design space YA VSESVIT

The task of this project was to organize the work of several business units under one roof and encourage collaboration between them. As a result, now on the area of 180 square meters comfortably coexist an architectural studio, a lecture hall for 80 seats, a design gallery and modern co-working space. Despite its multifunctionality, this creative space works perfectly as a single “organism” and anytime can be easily transformed from one unit to another.

The YA VSESVIT space is created for all kind of design minded communities: architects, fashion designers, visualizers, stylists, photographers and copywriters. Anyone who hunts for inspiration and shares his own with others can be located in new creative space.

Stylistically, the space is based on the contrast of textures and unexpected combination of materials united by a monochromatic palette. Just as the Universe combines different star systems, the interior of YA VSESVIT also consists of many polar elements. An authentic clay plaster on the wall, recreated with the local craft technique aged 400 years, is right next to a futuristic cold coating of stainless steel and silver foil-fabric on poufs. An accurate symmetry of black bricks is settled next to a natural imperfection of the rough stone.

The biggest aim in this project was to stay honest, to create design that remains to live in future and not only 1 or 2 years, as all trends do. The inspiration came from cultural roots of designer and historical background of Ukraine. The author wanted to recreate relations between humans and nature, when they were able to live in harmony with each other. When you take something from past and make it work for future, by simplifying, rethinking and experimenting with shape, texture or materials – this is what inspires in design and what we would like to share with world.

In the centre of a cave-style meeting room there is a massive table made from a single piece of sandstone, the geometry and natural form of which were preserved untouched. The coarseness of the stone is softened by the delicate tectonics of the brickwork behind – one of the most complex element of the interior. The working zone is divided into sections using glass partitions that allows free flow of the sunlight.

At the entrance, guests are welcome with two gigantic 120-150 years old wooden mortars named “stupa”, acquired in the vintage market. Next to them, there is a set of modern floor vases TREMBITA, made of burnt wood, repeating the shape of a folk Ukrainian musical instrument with the same name.

The lecture hall is equipped with a large screen, although if necessary the projector can broadcast images of an architectural or interior project straight to the floor in the smallest details. Set of 100 sculptured chairs where created especially for this project from eco-composition: straw, linen, cotton, biopolymer. They can easily assemble into a compact group like puzzles, opening up space for other functions.

The kitchen and 2 bathrooms keep the same minimalist interior style and cleanliness of lines. All functions of the space, such as storage rooms, cabinets for equipment and working materials, refrigerator, sink, sideboard, are built-in and hidden from the eyes of the visitors.

Unlike in regular office space, where all the folders and papers are stored under the table, in YA VSESVIT co-working zone you will see low metal shelves, suspended over a large shared table. In addition to the main function, the shelves also perform a decorative one.